Apr 152020

Cmnm - Peter McCarthy 01


Peter McCarthy is a rising star of Wochester football and his newfound fame comes with a level of media attention he’s not accustomed to. Peter’s becoming a famous sports personality and his schedule is very tight…

The physio is glad to give Dave special insight into this technique and invites him to join in to loosen Peter’s tight sphincter. Peter feels so embarrassed that the journalist is participating in this intimate training but can’t stop himself from growing an aching erection!

With athlete Peter on his knees the men get carried away using his gob. They don’t care about the fact tears are running down the embarrassed Peter’s face because there is nothing more pleasurable than being deep throated by a promising young sportsman.

It means he’s very backed up and though he’s embarrassed to have the personal trainer and journalist handling his sizeable erection he can’t deny how pleasurable it is. The only thing to do is lay back and let these crafty men do their job!


Watch The Full Video – Peter Mccarthy Fingered, Dildoed, Wanked


Cmnm - Peter McCarthy 02


Watch The Full Video – Peter Mccarthy Fingered, Dildoed, Wanked