Jun 152016

Myfriendsfeet - Nito and Jason James 01


Hot married husband Nito gets his sensitive naked body tickled by two masters until Nito goes to hysterics. And Austin Andrews worships his handsome boss Jason James’ dressed socks and big bare feet…

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Myfriendsfeet - Nito and Jason James 02


Nito wakes up tied down as two foot masters take full advantage of his tight predicament. They tickle Nito’s hot naked body, from ribs, abs, bare feet to his dick and balls until Nito goes crazy with laughter.

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Myfriendsfeet - Nito and Jason James 03


Austin Andrews has a big crush on his boss Jason James. Finally he gets a chance to gets his sexy boss tied up and mouth gagged. Watch Austin worship Jason’s dressed socks before he licks clean Jason’s bare feet with passion.

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