Oct 302015

Karl Tickled & Ricky Larkin Foot Worshiped 01


Two masculine studs Karl and Ricky Larkin get ticked and foot worshiped. Karl gets his super strong muscular body ticked hard and Ricky gets his big feet worshiped until…

Watch The Full Video – Tickling Karl’s Muscular Body & Worshiping Ricky Larkin’s Feet


Karl Tickled & Ricky Larkin Foot Worshiped 02


Bodybuilder and wrestler Karl is a big manly hunk. But can you imagine Karl turns into a giggling girl while he gets big torso and feet tickled? Watch the foot master tickle Karl’s sensitive body until Karl is driven nuts.

Watch The Full Video – Bodybuilder Karl Gets Tickled Hard


Karl Tickled & Ricky Larkin Foot Worshiped 03


Ricky Larkin not only is good at worshiping man’s feet, but also likes to get his own big feet worshiped. Watch the foot master worship Ricky’s sweaty socks and bare feet until Ricky shoots his sticky loads.

Watch The Full Video – Ricky Larkin Jerks Off While Getting Foot Worshiped